Community counseling resources

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What is Professional Counseling?

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What is Professional Counseling?

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Community Counseling Resources, Llc

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The Houston Housing Authority is committed to providing support to its low-income, elderly and disabled residents. If you need assistance in obtaining child care, health care, finishing school or learning a trade, please visit the links below to find helpful programs and resources in and around Houston.

York Region Violence Against Women Coordinating Committee – This standing committee of the York Region Violence Against Women Coordinating Committee is responsible for educating the public on the issue of Woman Abuse in all its forms and thereby, assisting in the task of prevention and reduction of Woman Abuse, in accordance with the York Region Violence Against.

Jun Lifestyle choices and mood disorders in young adults. A comprehensive report completed in of healthy lifestyle » Read More. This CCSD Family Resource Database is for informational purposes only. The resources contained here are not associated with, affiliated with or sponsored by the Cobb County School District.

Listed below are vairous counseling related resources and services found within our community. Select their respective links for detailed information. - Your guide to health and social services in Oregon and SW Washington. The fact sheet provide information about cancer resources in your community designed for people with cancer and their loved ones.

Community counseling resources
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