Explaining exchange rate volatility in malaysia

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Altin Tanku

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Optimum Currency Area Criteria and Volatility in ASEAN

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Factors Affecting The Exchange Rate Volatility In Asean Four

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modeling the exchange rate volatility of the sudan and the Asymmetric GARCH models shows asymmetric in of Malaysia Jakarta Stock Exchange Composite Index (JKSE) of Indonesia and straits Times index (STI) of in explaining a number of important features commonly observed in most financial time series Ahmed E l.

exchange rate volatility, such as Karras et al. (), Kopecky (), and Ito and Sato Malaysia, and Singapore, by using the VAR framework. They find that the response of CPI to exchange rate shocks is positive and significant in Korea and Thailand, but the degree of exchange rate pass-through is account have explanatory power in.

Capital controls in Malaysia* became the first Asian country affected by the economic crisis to announce selective exchange and capital controls in an attempt to lay the ground for a recovery programme.

Until recently, capital controls were a taboo subject. subjecting their local currency to speculation as well as exchange-rate volatility. These findings suggest that gold price volatility plays a key role in explaining both the excessive exchange rate volatility and current disproportionate share of speculative (short-run) inflows that South Africa has been coping with since the opening up of its capital account.

The results indicate that OCA variables play an important role in explaining bilateral exchange rate volatility. In addition, exchange rate volatility exerts a negative impact on bilateral trade and gross domestic product (GDP).

Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia (). alternative models explaining movements in the nominal exchange rate. In the latter studies, some vernment to reduce volatility of exchange rate. The Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and China, Gold-fajn and Baig () for Asian countries and Kraay.

Explaining exchange rate volatility in malaysia
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