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Jammu and Kashmir

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History. Jammu and Kashmir State Judicial Academy holds the rare distinction of being one of the oldest Judicial Academies in India.

Though it was not formally established and did not have regular infrastructure but it continued to function on the need basis. Details of officers-officials who have been ordered to move to Jammu with Annual Darbar Move to Jammu for winter session for HoD office.

Welcome To High Court of Jammu & Kashmir. The full-fledged High Court of Judicature for the Jammu and Kashmir State was established in the year Jammu and Kashmir News: The Express Tribune provides the most comprehensive coverage news, Latest and Breaking News updates on Jammu and Kashmir.

All news from Jammu & Kashmir, Srinagar, Ladakh. Samaan Lateef. Tribune News Service. Srinagar, August The National Investigation Agency (NIA) which is probing the funding of the secessionist.

Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir

The development of Technical Education, contributes substantially to the Socio-sustenance of the industrial sector, is entirely dependent upon the availability of trained manpower to perform the multidimensional activities needed to keep the wheel of industry running.

Jammu kashmir
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