Post mortem

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A Project Post Mortem Template

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What is an Incident Post-Mortem?

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Madea in Henssge et alwith the reader equation being produced:. Post-mortem photography is so interesting, particularly the earlier Victorian examples. I am currently working in a museum, and came across an example of posthumous portraiture today, check it out.

Post-mortem staging has become a morbid trend in the island of Puerto Rico. Jomar Aguayo Collazo, the guy in above in blue Adidas sweatshirt, was killed in a drug-related shootout a little after his 23 rd birthday.

Within days of his death, he was back at his mother’s bar, conveniently behind a.


This is a great post. I was fortunate to receive advice early in my career as a manger from a wise veteran who told me to live by the mantra “Fix the problem, not the blame”. Death Pictures, Postmortem Photos, Post Mortem Photography, Mourning Archive.

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postmortem Post mortem
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